1. A paved open area of approximately 35000 Sq.ft.
  2. A green top lawn of a round 3000 Sq.ft.
  3. A swimming Pool of 30 ft.*60ft. including a deck area of around 5500 Sq.ft.
  4. 4 double Occupancy AC Cottage type room with attached bathroom with all bath fitting from premium sanitary fitting brand including a 25 litres geyser in every bathroom
  5. A green top and paved lawn for the cottages
  6. A Banquet Hall of around 4000 Sq.ft. having a ceiling height of 21 ft. with fully centralised.
  7.  Sofa for a seating capacity of hundred peoples inside the banquet hall.
  8. 7 double Occupancy AC bedroom and two quadruple Occupancy bedroom around the banquet hall, which are spread in its two floors with attached bathroom and geyser and fully furnished
  9. Customised toiletries for every guest in the room.
  10. Dulha - Dulhan chair including 2 two seater sofa on the stage
  11. Multiple individual toilets for ladies and gents inside the premises.
  12. An owned parking of a round 30000 Sq.ft. in front of the banquet.
  13. An 83 KVA DG set without diesel.
  14. A sofa and Centre table in each room
  15. security guard available 24x7
  16. 2 kitchens, one for party lawn and one for the pool side and cottages with an approximate area of 1500 Sq.ft.
  17. 20 pieces of extra mattress with pillow
  18. One small Hall of a round 1000 Sq.ft area on the pool side in process
  19. visitor lounges of around 600 Sq.ft. with sofa and Centre table
  20. Wi-Fi available throughout the campus
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